Strategy Sessions

StressedAre you feeling restless or frustrated because you’re not making the difference you secretly wanted to as a manager?
I get really disheartened when I see managers who have everything going for them, yet are really unhappy at work.
Does this sound even a little like you? You’ve got a good education, working for a good company, yet are somehow becoming fed-up and disillusioned? You thought that you’d have more autonomy. Instead you’re now doing two peoples’ jobs for little or no thanks. You were excited when you were first appointed to this role because you had a vision about standing out and being recognized, transforming the team and making a difference. But it’s turned out that your work is uninspiring and you’re frustrated by trying to collaborate with people who either don’t care or won’t listen and it makes you look bad…and you thought you might have got your next promotion by now…

portrait of a business man talking on the phoneAfter your one-hour Personal Leadership Strategy Session with me, you will have (1) greater clarity on your next step (2) uncovered hidden challenges that may be holding you back and (3) the motivation to act.

I usually charge in the region of £300 an hour for executive coaching however, I want you to have this session for £97 because its an important conversation for you.
Book your Personal Leadership Strategy Session now. It’s totally confidential, conducted on the telephone or Skype so it doesn’t matter where you are, anytime between 8.00am and 8.00pm (UK time) weekdays or weekends at our mutual convenience.

To register or ask anything about the session, just book a free15-minute chat time in the calendar or e-mail me on

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