Personal Development Retreats

Personal Development Retreats 

Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence

Understand how emotions shape your thoughts and actions and take the first step to enrich your leadership behaviour.

Develop the skills to manage yourself and other people more effectively and take the second step to maximise your influence as a leader.

You probably know that as a leader your EQ is more important than your IQ, but do you know what it is? This retreat is based on a 360-degree Report of your Emotional Capital. This is the EQ you draw on to be a high performing leader.

The Emotional Capital Model identifies 10 dynamic emotions that drive leadership success:


Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence
These are all skills that you can learn.
We are going to work with you throughout these two days to develop your emotional talent.

You also have the opportunity to support your progress and embed your learning with coaching sessions from Certified Practitioners, personally trained by the Emotional Capital authors, Dr Martyn Newman and Judy Purse.

Men and Women Working Together

Gender diversity has moved on but it hasn’t arrived. We invite you to identify and consider the real issues facing both men and women in today’s workplace. The ones that we can deal with now and take steps towards the world we want in the future. Between us we can speed up this slow revolution.

None of us are doing enough of the right things. It’s time for progressive men to go beyond passive support and take some initiatives. Just as domestic violence against women is actually a man’s problem, so too is career blocking, marginalisation and sexual harassment at work. Women need to stop ‘fitting in’ and instead start speaking out and supporting one another more.

Men & Women Working Together

As  a man, do you want to perpetuate a working environment that favours the few?

As  a women, do you want equality and integration into a system that is past its sell-by date?

Let’s meet up and work together to reinvent our world of work so that it’s a fitting context for all working people, whatever their gender. And whatever their age, ethnicity, religion, education and status.

Cool Leadership exists at every level.


Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership

  • Work & Well-being: staying sane in a crazy world
  • The Wow Factor: looking the part and feeling great
  • Tough Love: caring, coaching and confronting without conflict
  • Executive Presence: being taken seriously by the decision-makers
  • The Bridge to the Unknown: accessing and using your intuition

Work & Well-being: staying sane in a crazy world

What’s happened to balance in your life? Are you so busy fighting battles, beating the clock and burning the candle at both ends that your well-being is beginning to suffer?

You’ve learned to live with stress, push on through, get a result whatever it takes… but what is it costing you? Right now and in the future? Everything has a price – you know that but think that it doesn’t apply to you.

Well, it needn’t. Invest in a couple of days of challenging yourself to a better way of balancing all the things that you want in your life – a fulfilling career, loving relationships, a positive bank balance, being fit and healthy (and slim!), engaging in the arts, exploring the world, enjoying sports and nature …the list goes on. How long is yours? When did you last really live life to the full?

Work & Well-being
Work & Well-being
It’s in your hands – join our well-being experts and other women who are on the same journey.
Take charge of your life again. However you live, it’s your choice.

The Wow Factor: look the part and feel great

What’s the secret to feeling fabulous every day? We think that it is knowing that you look stunning.

You’re well-groomed (of course) but, most of all, you are wearing clothes that suit your body, your colouring and your personality.

You shine out “this is me!” and everyone knows its true.

At the same time, you are appropriate to your business environment – totally professional whilst expressing yourself with flair and effortless chic.

So, give yourself a little love and create your own ‘signature style’ with our Image Coach, who combines a Parisian couturier career at Christian Dior and exquisite taste with a Yorkshire eye on the budget. We’ll start by identifying your colour palette and then some of the key elements of your wardrobe …Bring a suitcase full!

You’ll leave with a look that will boost your confidence and turn heads!


The Wow Factor: look the part and feel great

Tough Love: caring, coaching and confronting without conflict

There is a part of you that wants to care for everyone and help them to grow into their best self. It requires lots of communication skills and emotional intelligence to create a space of psychological safety in which you can build rapport and trust, express empathy and listen deeply. The perfect ambience for coaching, mentoring and yes, the difficult feedback as well.

On this Retreat you’ll get expert tuition and some robust frameworks to help you structure insightful reflections and to deliver challenging requirements for changes in behaviour. You’ll have opportunities to practice and receive feedback on how you’re doing.

You’ll be able to be of real value to others following this Retreat: you’ll become a reliable source of understanding and consideration who is not afraid to address the difficult topics. You’ll handle these in a straightforward, supportive manner which does not attack or undermine or humiliate anyone. As a result you bring relationship out of adversity and progress out of apathy.

From now on, you will be able to nurture the promising and turn difficult situations into constructive solutions.
Tough Love: caring, coaching and confronting without conflict

Executive Presence: being taken seriously by the decision-makers

Executive Presence Cool Leadership Course

Executive presence is the ‘magic ingredient’ of leadership. It’s an energy you radiate that transmits you are to be trusted to hold the leadership ground without flinching however demanding or scary the situation might get and, all the time, behaving with integrity, decisiveness and compassion.

Some people call it ‘gravitas’. We call it the essence of a cool leader.

You can’t fake this, but you can cultivate it. That’s what this Retreat is about and our coaches include a top Director from The National Theatre, London, who will help you to embody your leadership spirit so that you have the capacity to be calm and confident in the white-heat of a crisis; be heard when you ‘speak truth to power’; and develop a reputation for wisdom in decision-making and justice in boundary-setting.


This is the icing on the leadership cake!

The Bridge to the Unknown: accessing and using your intuition

Dare to cross the bridge and you could re-connect with your vital spark of inspiration, your cutting edge of insight, your clarity of perspective and be able to focus on what the future holds.

Awaken your unspoken power through ‘knowing’ the truth of a situation by tapping in to your inner awareness and finding your own pure voice of realisation.

Under the guidance of a gifted energy coach you will discover your own energetic patterns and experience the complementary practices of mindfulness and the martial arts. Together they unleash a personal power that is strong, potent and vibrant – one that will bring you totally alive.

Our roots are in the earth but our branches are in the heavens – moving between their energies is calming, nourishing and revitalising.



The Bridge to the Unknown

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