JDrake Time and again leaders tell me that they want to build strong professional relationships, influence strategy, drive change, win and keep clients, get a team to buzz, and enjoy a productive work-life balance. These are not easy tasks. Accomplishing them requires a depth of appreciation of the human condition and a confident application of intangible, “soft” skills. Cool-leadership.com focuses on these soft skills with the objectives of fostering clear thinking, devising effective strategies and inspiring and engaging people. Emotional intelligence is now widely accepted as being as important, if not more important, than intellectual ability. It can be developed.

A primary aim at cool-leadersip.com is to help you to understand what makes you tick, what strengths you can develop and how you can grow into your personal potential and be a trusted presence for others. This is the ground on which success in leadership is built.

Do you think the case for “soft skills” is over-rated?

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