Fun frogLook around your world – who do you consider to be a cool leader? It might be a colleague at work or someone in your community. It might be someone famous or someone from history. Let’s share what we mean by describing someone as “a cool leader”. Let’s broaden the scope to include the people who inspire us to do our very best and to contribute more than we would otherwise have done.  People who are, for us, a role model, an inspiration and a support.

Let’s acknowledge our gratitude, admiration and pleasure in looking to them for leadership in some aspect of our life. We can make this small but powerful gesture by publicly naming them as one of the world’s cool leaders. If you’d like some help on criteria, click this link but you might have other criteria to add that you find pretty cool too.

E-mail your response to me at and I’ll post all of the proposals on the website. If you have a photo of them that’s great but don’t worry if you haven’t. Just write a few lines about them and why you rate them as ‘cool’ – then we can all celebrate them.

Jacquie Drake

Jacquie Drake

Dr Jacquie Drake is Founder of and Editor of the cool-leadership newsletter.

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