Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership

5-day intensives

Meet, connect and collaborate with other amazing women.


Power, politics and influence in organisations and life

Discover the true depth of your power and how you can use it wisely. Learn how to read the political game and become a player without losing your integrity. Practice the skills of influence so that people are drawn to you and your point of view. Be the leader that others choose to follow and stay comfortable in your own skin. This is a week that will change you forever.

Women in leadership

Awesome women: making a difference for the better

Create a culture that reflects your vision & values for a more dynamic, engaging and productive workplace.

Establish your identity as a leader and transform your relationship with yourself so that you can live your authentic leadership philosophy, create your personal style and enjoy the confidence that will get you respected and promoted.

Be your own case-study in this in-depth exploration of values, beliefs and new behaviours.

Women in Leadership
Women in Leadership

The Entrepreneurial Women

Have you ever dreamed of running your own business but not known how to get going? Maybe you have taken the first step but have got a bit stuck?

In just five very practical days, you will go through all of the key aspects of becoming an entrepreneur and making a success of it. You kick off with your entrepreneurial profile and getting clarity on the right business for you. You’ll plan your first promotion and explore how you can attract and keep customers.You’ll learn how to stay on top of your finances and identify the support you’ll need to manage the business.

You’ll never look back!

2-day retreats for women

  • Work & Well-being: staying sane in a crazy world
  • The Wow Factor: looking the part and feeling great
  • Tough Love: caring, coaching and confronting without conflict
  • Executive Presence: being taken seriously by the decision-makers
  • The Bridge to the Unknown: accessing and using your intuition

For more information visit our Personal Development 2-Day Retreats here…

Women in Leadership
Women in Leadership

Cool Coaching for Women

The ultimate one-to-one in executive coaching designed to take a woman’s perspective on leadership.

An amazing six month journey, addressing the challenges that are facing you personally every day alongside those that are encountered by most women who are seeking, or holding, leadership positions at this time in history.

For more details visit our Cool Coaching for Women here…


Women’s Mentoring Group

 Exchange experiences and ideas with a new peer group of switched-on, ambitious and fun-to-be-with people.

 Once a month you’ll join a select group of women who, like you, want a place to bring their current concerns and go away with new ideas and insights to put into practice. It might be a difficult relationship, a career decision, a strategic choice or a desire to make an impact in your workplace. It might be all or none of the above!

You can easily attend because it’s on-line. You’ll get a fair share of attention because your Lead Mentor will ensure focussed discussion and expert support for your personal issues month after month. You will also work with some guest mentors – women who’ve been there, got the T-shirt (and the battle scars!) The kind of women who understand your situation.

An ideal group size is 7- 8 so we cap attendance to a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10.

All sessions are recorded and made available to group members as not everyone can always attend every session. We meet for 2 hours, one evening a month for 10 months (excluding August and December).


Women in Leadership
Women in Leadership

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